Crescent Freelancing is a small business owned by Daryll Brown who specializes in digital marketing and copywriting services. Daryll Brown is a double major at SNHU in Creative Writing and Business Marketing. Many managers struggle with keeping hardworking employees and don't want to put workers on a payroll who can't get the job done. When you use Crescent Freelancing, you will get a free quote tailored to your business goals. Why should you throw money on a team, if you can hire one person who does all of the work for less?

Mission Statement

With unemployment and the lack of productivity being a challenge for businesses; Crescent Freelancing is committed to providing affordable digital marketing and copywriting services tailored to your industry's values and goals.

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Crescent Freelancing collects data from users to better understand how to modify this website to provide the best user experience possible. I value your privacy which is why the data I limit the amount and type of data that's being collected.

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