What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is when your business or product is presented in a way that's convincing, concise, and compelling to an ideal audience. Crescent Freelancing takes the word "copy" and replaces it with "company brand", during the copywriting process. A great idea isn't that great if you don't know the right words to express it.

Copywriting Examples



The Belief


"Power Divides"

Mark and Vincent were close friends until Stephen, a mad scientist offered Mark power for a price. 

"The Correlation Between Social Media Addiction and Drug Abuse" Presentation"

Social media and phone addiction are becoming more common in society. Did you know that social media addiction could lead to drug addiction?

"NSLS Leadership Theory"

We are all leaders in our own way, but do you know the strengths and weaknesses of your leadership style?

Genetic Engineering for Children with Mental Illnesses

How do you feel about genetic engineering? What if I told you that scientists want to use genetic engineering on newborn children? With a serious matter like this, it's important to be able to make the best decision possible,

Aristotles Secrets to Successful Screenwriting

Aristotle has had a strong influence within the writing community. He has advice for aspiring screenwriters that will help them get started.

Data-Driven Storytelling

Every business relies on a different set of data, therefore we all can't use the same strategy. 

Tech Presentation

Companies are using data analytics and AI to help them achieve their long term goals, but it's also important to consider that putting too much trust in a machine can easily backfire. You should understand how other companies benefited and damaged their relationships they were too reliant on machine learning.

Stadium Rant

Stadium Rant Facebook Reel.mp4

What is Stadium Rant?

Stadium Rant is a small, but fast growing company that will provide you information on anything you want to know about sports. Whether you want to read an article or listen to a podcast, Stadium Rant is constantly working to provide you the latest content.


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